Historic Poland Spring

Shortly after construction in 1913

The Riccar Inn, now known as the Presidential Inn, was constructed in 1913 and was the last of the Ricker family built hotel buildings. Reflecting the original spelling of their surname, the original intention of the inn was to serve as a convenient location for those motoring to the property in their personal cars as the garages were built adjacent. It was also presented that the building was built for the chauffeurs and servants of resort guests staying on the property. Although the Rickers quickly denied this claim, the first guest was a chauffeur of a guest from Philadelphia.

Forrest Walker, as he had for many other buildings and expansions, oversaw the construction of the Riccar Inn. The building generally remained open year round and eventually became home to a radio station as well as Channel 8-WMTW TV. This location is why Poland Spring is still used during WMTW's transmission licensure. When Jack Paar retired from the Tonight Show, he purchased WMTW and had his office in the basement of the building.

Riccar Inn (now Presidential Inn) with Mansion House in background

When the Poland Spring House caught on fire on July 3, 1975, the station moved one of the large cameras to the porch of the inn to cover the disastrous conflagration. The presence of WMTW, also led to the creation of the Poland Spring Preservation Society as the news director of the station saw fit to help to preserve and restore the Maine State Building and All Souls Chapel.

The inn was remodeled in the early 1980s and was at that time renamed the Presidential Inn. Recently a restoration of the lobby has brought it back to its original form.